Advait Deodhar On Striving To Become The Formula One Car Racer From India

Indian racer Advait Deodhar began racing cars in 2012. After being in the fast lane for only two years, his electric rush made him the champion at many national and international racing circuits. His faith on speed is incessant. His sprint for challenge is undeniable. This one is marking a niche on the Motorsports podium.

In 2006 he finished 3rd in Round 5 in the MRF National Karting Championship and in 2008 he was 2nd in the Flying Finish Autocross Rally. He was the only Indian racing in the “Make It your Race”. Further, he was also chosen by the Volkswagen India to be part of the VW factory stunt team. 

In MRF Formula Ford 1600, he found his place as the runnersup in the national championship. Recently, he was also a part of MRF F2000 International Challenge at the Bahrain International Circuit. 

highlights of this episode

  • Most thrilling experiences in racing cars. 
  • Racing in absolute torrential rain conditions.
  • Driving the MRF F2000 International Challenge
  • Rob a Bank.

Quotes and takeaways

  • A single mistake on track can result in loss of position or more importantly,  an accident.
  • Making calculated gambles when on track always pays off. 
  • If you really want to go somewhere in the sport, you need to dedicate your entire life to it.

Tell us a bit about your childhood. Did you always envision yourself to become a car racer?

I grew up in Mumbai. I always loved cars and speed. As far as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to become a racing driver. It was an obsession. Funnily enough , I only pursued it at the age of 22.


What was your first inspiration to become a car racer? Can you tell us about a few moments you recall in a flashback?

I think it’s something innate. Speed and cars were all I could think of. I had  / still have a huge collection of model cars.

The first time I went go – karting , I was about 12 years old. From the moment I finished that first lap , I knew that behind the wheel is where I belong.

What has been the most thrilling moment which you have experienced as a car racer?

For me, the best race and most thrilling is the first ever podium I got. It was a wet race in Coimbatore against a grid of 22 very very experienced racing drivers. I was the new boy and I finished 0.1 seconds behind the winner and set the fastest lap in absolutely torrential rain conditions after a very thrilling and exciting race in the National Championship.


What techniques and tools do you use to keep yourself organized?

I’m generally a very organized person. I like to do things in a very systematic manner. I don’t think I use  any specific techniques.

You finished second in MRF Formula Ford 1600. How was the experience?

I finished 2nd in the championship even with missing the final round which had 3 races. It was a really good year for me.
I was going into the final round where I was fighting for the championship ,but missed it due to an illness. Until then , I learned a lot , improved my racecraft and in general , really upped my game as a racing driver. Definitely a year to remember.


Give me an example of a high-pressure situation when on track. Can you share a few of your personal experiences?

When you’re in a racing car , in a professional environment , with other racing drivers and pushing yourself and the car to the absolute limit, the pressure is very very high. A single mistake on track can result in loss of position or more importantly,  an accident.

The most pressure I’ve been in , would be this race I had in 2013. We were 4 cars , separated by absolutely nothing and tussling it out on track for the entire duration of the race. I was still a new boy and wanted to really really prove myself against these 3 other big boys. I’d like to say I proved my point 😉

Which is the best car you have raced so far? Why do you think so? What are the cars which you would want to drive?

I’d say the MRF F2000 International Challenge car is the best car I’ve raced so far.

I ultimately would want to drive F1 car and LMP1 car. As things stand I will drive and compete in an LMP1 car one day! Apart from that , I really  want to compete in the GP2 series.


Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are the ones you lookout for. What attributes in them do you admire?

I like Lewis once his visor comes down. His raw speed and controlled aggression are second to none.

Seb Vettel is the most all round driver in my opinion. I really admire him and look upto him. He’s incredibly intelligent and you can see that in his driving. He builds a team around him, he’s ridiculously quick, makes some amazing overtakes  and pretty much never ever makes a mistake or gives up. He’s also very humble , which is really admirable , considering the amount  he’s achieved and the level he’s at.


What’s your personal code of conduct on the track?

I think drivers need to be fair and smart. I’d like to say I’m a very fair driver.

I also don’t make unnecessary overtakes which I know will result in a crash. I’d like to say that that’s one of my strong points. I mainly make calculated moves apart from the few gambles here and there ,which have paid off till now, luckily!

I’m also extremely aggressive behind the wheel and more often than  not, provide quite the spectacle from the outside (from what I’ve heard).

Thoughts for people who aspire to become car racers.

Go rob a bank! It’s a very demanding sport and takes a lot of commitment. It’s also not meant for everyone. The glitz and glamour are just what’s on the surface. It’s a lot of hard work , dedication that’s never seen by people on the outside.

There’s two ways to go about it.First, you have some money to spare and want to race for fun, go for it. Second, if you really want to go somewhere in the sport, you need to dedicate your entire life to it. Understand the sport from every angle. It’s a business at the end of the day.


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