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Mehul Gohil On Forming The Dark Knight Community To Form A Global Network

Mehul Gohil On Forming The Dark Knight Community To Form A Global Network

We were all fascinated by this idea, were’nt we? Of Batman and his counterpart Robbin. We all faced the shock waves when the city of Gotham fell apart. And then there was the rise of the Dark Knight.  

Mehul Gohil is founder of the Dark Knight Community. Yes, his idea was to create a global bond of the people following the The Dark Knight. Later, the team got a call from Nolan himself for building the international social community. 

Highlights of the episode

  • The idea behind the making of The Dark Knight Connectivity.
  • The experience of having a vast human connectivity. 
  • 5 best things about networking market. 

quotes and takeaways

  • As an entrepreneur you have to do majority of the home work yourself, pay attention to the details, follow up, innovate and repeat!
  • Stick to the basics, experiment by breaking the rules and you should be fine!


You were a part of theatre in your college years. Did that have an influence on your work?

 Yes theatre did have a big influence on my work. Plays are the best way to convey a message to the society and I always loved giving a good time to the audience, making them laugh. Scripting funny acts is tough and that motivated me and honed my research skills early on. The third person perspective always fascinated me. This would help me connect well with the audience. And the same applies for social media as well. It nurtures the habit of understanding people keenly and developing a good rapport with them over time. The amount of folks you can reach out through so many different apps is just so enlightening! Theatre is a powerful agent.


How did the idea of the Dark Knight Community come to you? How did you begin your journey in it?

 Well, the idea of TDK community was always there. We were just a tiny group in Orkut with a very few active members. These groups were run by my very close friends Ryan Pereira and Lester Fernandes. I always thought why not have a global family where people bond over this iconic character in a much better fashion. Over time, Facebook and Twitter happened. Then TDKR was shot in India, the rest is history! I actually wanted to work with Nolan on the shoot, but He had some other plans. 😀


What entrepreneurial lessons have you learnt from it?

Learnt so much from it. It starts from the basics. As an entrepreneur you have to do majority of the home work yourself, pay attention to the details, follow up, innovate and repeat! It taught me discipline, develop the keen eye for detail and made me to be prepared for the worst! A few of the crazy things we did on the group was this year long countdown post to the movie release which had to be updated daily! It had the most likes and comments apart from engaging the place every day. You do the math. It was our longest running post ever and we now apply the idea for so many different things now.


How has been the experience of having a vast human connectivity over the community?

The experience has been plain phenomenal. The idea of simply having a network spanning the entire globe, blows my mind! Also, speaking with people from so many diverse cultures, backgrounds, nationalities has helped me shape into a better human, made me understand the world outside our country and best of all the knowledge gained in the process. Simply invaluable! The coolest part being I can just fly down to wherever my members are and rest assured we will have a gala time together. We started off with weekend video chats on Stickam and now on Hangouts on Air. It is so much fun. We discuss latest trailers, announcements, spoilers etc. I’ve also been privileged enough to meet folks who have some amazing collections of toys and comics. Also we have done crazy things which has made us popular. Plus, I have been able to understand in detail the Facebook group model. Having seen so many software revisions over the years and coming this far to see it thriving has been wonderful. It is such an under-rated feature which many big corporate aren’t using!


Your team was called by Christopher Nolan himself. Please tell us about the moment.

This was some story! Back when we visited the set in Jodhpur we were 2 people, Ryan was my partner in crime. We just had a simple idea in mind and that was to meet the cast whichever way possible. I carried a poster from The Dark Knight and Ryan, very co-incidentally carried the first poster from Batman Begins on the first day of shoot of this last movie in the trilogy. We put our contacts on them as well. So basically we reached a day before the shoot began and got to meet the executive producer Kevin De La Noy. He was surprised and pleased to meet us and accepted the gifts which he handed over to Nolan. Over the next 2 days we saw Nolan, Bale and others shuttling up and down in the mad heat between takes. Couldn’t meet them. Although we did end up meeting Josh Pence who plays the young Ra’s Al Ghul  post the shoot wrap, which was the cherry on top! Finally we reached Mumbai, I put out the first set photo of the well covered in green cloth with my watermark. I wanted to ensure my efforts didn’t go unaccredited. At the same time I knew someone from the set may reach out to us, I had to decide. The posters had our numbers and the pics had the world in a tizzy! For sure Nolan’s PR team got to know about this and must have cross checked my credentials. Ryan not being from the media got lucky and received a call. Nolan was all surprised what was the first poster from the first movie doing on the first day shoot of the last movie! He was pleased , thanked us, Ryan did the same and asked us to watch out for future projects. After this, we also gifted him our exclusive community Tshirt that we made for the movie release day. Wherever he is right now, he does know about us! And that brings a huge grin on my face. 


You were one of the winners of the Majhi Metro Photography contest in Mumbai. As photographer, what are key points of your skill?

As a shutterbugger I’d just advise anyone who wants to become one, that you learn the basics pretty well. Get comfortable with whichever brand you like and simply go out and click click click! It is the biggest skill to learn and sets you in a nice discipline to take snaps. It will help you overcome your fears and keep you ready whenever be. All the composition, the settings will fall in place once you click. Being a visual medium and something which depends on documenting the moment which may/may not happen again, getting comfortable really helps, you can anticipate and clicking keeps you in the zone. Stick to the basics, experiment by breaking the rules and you should be fine! Ride the wave and keep abreast of the latest trends be it techniques or anything happening in social media. With literally everyone having a cellphone these days everyone is a photographer, but those armed with the basics makes them stand out from the crowd. Go for photo walks, take part in competitions, push your envelope, explore tons of amazing material on YouTube. Don’t leave a chance whenever you get an opportunity to shoot grab it. The more you flex your muscles the better. Will be a good way to understand your limits. Be ahead of the curve. Its through these pointers you will develop your own style over time. One more indispensable tip, get closer to the subject! 😉



Tell us about the 5 best things of being in a networking market.

5 best things of being the networking market will be making diverse contacts across varied fields, getting work done, maintaining a smooth workflow, helps and builds relationships along with developing communication. In these tough times, a strong network is truly indispensable. Also, its in the crunch times  that you realize who are your true contacts. A strong network goes a long way.


What is your message for fellow entrepreneurs?

I’d advise fellow budding entrepreneurs to keep it simple. Stick to the basics, be clear about what you have in mind, give it your best like there is no other, effectively communicate with your clients and same applies for follow ups. Maintain the established relationships with elan. Because doing the things you love overwhelms you at times, do not let that happen. Be a little pessimistic at times. Always remember, it is about the journey, not the destination. Attend to the journey, you will arrive in style! With many start ups mushrooming, there was never a good time to be one. Go forth, make your story happen!

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