Why RISE Started The Fight Against Bitter Taste Of Hunger

Why RISE Started The Fight Against Bitter Taste Of Hunger

The taste of hunger is bitter. Probably that is why, for a hungry soul, even bitter food is sweet. A couple of days of hunger has capacity to make a fine sauce for anything. When the preferable is not available, the available becomes preferable.

Sometimes, even connectedness to God seems a luxury, especially for a hungry stomach. Mahatma Gandhi had once quoted, “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” A world of water has passed under the bridge since he had first quoted it. The sting of hunger, however, is still as lethal as it has been. 

“When the empathy in us dies, humanity dies someplace else”, says Gargi Vairagare, Founder and CEO of RISE. She was moved by an incident in a small Dhaba in Nagpur, where an orphan child was running away from her orphanage.

India is a country where we hail farmers as God, for, they churn out the most valuable commodity for living beings– food. Not all, however, are lucky enough to suppress their need for a meal. In this era of gadgets and gizmos, a sight of someone with an empty stomach, throwing a glance at nothingness, is an indelible stain on the society. Replace ‘someone’ with an orphan child and the sight puts all the modern-day gratifications to shame. 

We live in a society where children are still deprived of basic food. We aren’t even talking about their choices here. Hunger of choice is a painful luxury; hunger of necessity is terrifying torture. It is this hunger that we, at RISE, aim to suppress.

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Our endeavour is not only to suppress children’s hunger for bread but also our hunger for love. A smile on a well-fed children’s face packs with it unmatched love, love for the feeder. It is this hunger for food and love that engineered a brainstorming session amongst the volunteers. Soon it gave birth to the idea of ‘Annapurna’- a campaign designed to initiate donations of food grains, flour and basic supplements for local orphanages.

Since February 2016, courtesy ‘Annapurna’, RISE has been catering various necessities to Valmiki Bal Sadan, an orphanage situated in Abhay Nagar, Nagpur. With the help of our donors, we have donated 200 kg daal, sugar, bournvita, grapes, 80 kg biscuits, oil, 30kg dates and more at the orphanages. ‘Annapurna’ has been instrumental in providing a survival diet to all the kids and giving extra supplements to the under-nourished ones. We have also started to provide each kid with one boiled egg a day from the month of March.

‘Annapurna’ has been a successful idea till now, thanks to zealous efforts by our members — Shivam Agrawal, Pallavi Sirohi, Duhita Lonkar, Pratiek Chamat, Mona Popli, Sumeet Jadhav and the whole Team of RISE, not to forget the kind donors who have been instrumental in making this one a big success. That a balanced diet very crucial in the growing phase is no secret. But the way society is turning blind eye to the kids deprived of even the basic protein requirements, is appalling. Hunger knows no friend but its feeder. There is no better feeling than feeding an empty stomach. And we, at RISE, would also like to invite you to experience the joy of giving.

If you are in a position to reach out, please consider the following needs, which are immediate and crucial: Tur dal (Requirement- 50 kgs a month) and Glucose biscuits (30 big packets a month). 

There are many other requirements, from food, clothes, medical aid, to books, stationery and construction needs (Malfunctioning toilets, seeping ceilings) that RISE looks after. If you have any surplus that you can give away, or a contact who we can reach out to, please let us know.RISE is a transparent organization, and we ensure that donors are proactively informed of where their donation is being used, and updated with pictures of the donation drives.

THREE REASONS WHY you must support rise 

  • We are a supporting NGO looking at fulfilling requirements of other NGOs. The local NGOs that we are looking after in Nagpur, require food grains to fulfil empty stomach of the children present.
  • Where hunger reigns, strength abstains. We wish to make our future strong. Our NGO’s motive is to make one realize the amount of happiness and satisfaction that a person feels on helping others.
  • The amount that you donate would be used in purchasing food items like tur daal, boiled eggs, glucose biscuits, sugar and other essential items that the children need.

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