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The Talk By Marketeers

The Talk By Marketeers

Marketers are believers of futuristic prospects which can engage the mind frame of customers. Consumerism is not based on convenience, but rather the communication created by unique experiences. When brands intend to deliver, their focal point is the mental runway of their target audience.

One of the most efficient marketing tactics to communicate deeply with the consumers is by creating unique experiences via experiential marketing. This directly relates with consumers purchase decision by evoking emotional quotient. In traditional marketing campaigns people target through television, print and radio. In experiential marketing, customers focus on the message of the brand.

The proceeding thoughts before any marketing campaign are measurability and scalability. Let me state an example. In a campaign led by Coca-Cola India, they began to promote the message ‘Open Happiness’ by placing ‘Small World Machines’ across various malls in New Delhi and Lahore. Through the 3D touch-screens in both the countries, shoppers were able to interact in real time. As a result of such an activation, Coco-Cola, was able to merge innovation of its marketing experience with a social message to unite the nations.

In the current era, experiential marketing budgets have grown by 4.7% in 2013, up from 5.0% in 2012. In recent study on this marketing, it showed that companies with $1 billion plus in revenue have increased spending on events and experiential marketing by 9.8%. Marketers focus on the following to improvise on their brand presence.

PumaGoing by the Message of the Brand

Proper knowledge about the brand is a requisite to communicate in order to connect with the audience. This leads to delivering long lasting relations and excellent results. The Puma Social Club reinforces Puma as a sports lifestyle brand. It is an after-hours athlete club to hang out which offers food, beverages, quirky gizmos and a Super Mario console. Its breathalyzer machine even checks if you can drive yourself home.



Social Media Outreach

In order to reach to a larger mass there is no other effective media other than social media. During Maybelline India’s Super Stay 14-hour lipstick countdown, people across the country were asked to tweet about things that finished too quickly using the Twitter handle #doesntlastlongenough. This social-media driven activity led to high rate of conversion and lead generation. At the end of the campaign, the responses were used to form the shape of the lipstick, which appeared on a large screen on a 25-feet high recreation of New York’s Times Square.



Thought Leadership

Each of these campaigns are promoted by socially driven impact. For instance, the whisky brand from Diageo’s United Spirits began the Signature Startup campaign based on the transformative belief ‘#PassionToPaycheck. It was real life success stories of a drummer, a photographer, an actor, and many more, who quit their corporate jobs to pursue their aspirations.



The Edge Over Innovation

In a recent survey, it was found that 50% of the consumers favour experiential marketing to every other form of marketing. Experiential marketing can bring in innovative methodologies to reach maximum audience. In April 2016, Dove India launched a campaign to dissolve the disparity of beauty. It was under an assertive aim of ‘Let’s break the rules of beauty’. Filmmaker Pan Nalin featured Indian women of all shapes, colours and sizes to celebrate the diversity in beauty, going against the conventional standards.



The Creative Quotient

Cooking videos of 30 seconds to a minute are going viral on Facebook. Gauthier’s project Tasty, a year-old pilot from BuzzFeed amassed more than 62 million Facebook fans. BuzzFeed followed up Tasty’s success with TastyJunior as well as Nifty, a hacks and DIY site with an even bigger following.




Urban Outlook on Retail Presence

Summer 2016 found the most interesting experiential marketing technique by Pokémon Go application. Businesses benefited from creating “Poke Stops” and generated walk in traffic that capitalised on the craze; restaurants, retail centres and organisations could create awareness, by drawing in Pokémon hunters.



In the recent times, all major brands like Reebok, Britannia, YashRaj Films have included several ways to merge offline marketing with online presence. Having a sign with a hashtag, asking people to post pictures, hand out free ice cream to people who receive a digital coupon by downloading the app on the spot are the several methods in the present millennia. To make the most of this consumer engagement, the challenge for experiential marketing agencies is to become true experience-makers.


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